Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Think about this one...

Yeah...I's been too long and I will apologize in advance for the heavy topic but it hit me today...

I hate cancer.

I hate cancerous people.

I have known people who I have loved dearly who I have lost to the former.

I have known people who I have loved dearly who have lost themselves to the latter.

Usually, the people who live in the latter have some discontent in their lives. I get it...we all have it. I am not trivializing it or being patronizing. You have problems. They are hard. You feel you aren't getting a fair shake. It's OK to lick your wounds. It's OK to seek comfort. It's OK to seek mutual discontent. Misery DOES love company. You are being human. It's OK...

It's not OK to spread your discontent. C'mon's time to take a count of your energizing inventory. Focus on what you have...not what you don't. Actually...scratch can focus on one thing you don't have...Cancer.

This post is not intended to be dark or preachy (yeah, I said preachy). Sorry if it came out that way...just trying to keep perspective on things. It's like one of those eye trick exams where they ask you what do you see. What do you see? If you change your perspective, the picture tends to look a whole lot better.

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